Vanos Rebuilds

Since 2009 Mr Vanos have been carrying out vanos rebuilds across the UK.


The idea of rebuilding vanos units was born from necessity after owning an E36 M3 that suffered vanos failure. The only option at the time was to buy new or sell the car as is. Coming from an engine building background, owner Steve decided to strip the vanos unit and see what actually goes wrong. 

The whole system was looked at, the cause of failures and noise determined and a long term solution was found.

All our parts are made either in house or locally that are used in the vanos rebuild. Nothing is bought from other companies and sold as a 'rebuild'. Every product has undergone months of testing and 100.000 of miles combine real world use.

A vanos replacement starts in the workshop with a full strip and chemical clean of the unit itself. Once clean the unit is reassembled with any new parts that are required.

The fitting part can take place at any UK or Ireland address. We will fit the reconditioned unit and any associated parts needed on site and take the old unit away on an exchange basis.

BMW fitting instructions are followed, this is the only way to install a vanos unit and BMW tools are used. Having many jobs that have timing set incorrectly due to copy timing tools, we know that the BMW tools will give perfect results every time.

All our units come with a minimum 3 years warranty, some models have lifetime noise warranty and others have 5 years parts warranty. Please see individual model pages for full details.

See the video below to see what goes into an E46 M3 S54 vanos reassembly.