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Mr Vanos Uprated Engine INSTALLED - BMW F10 M5 | F06 | M6 (S63TU)

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.


Price is for work carried out on a running engine with no issues. If issues are found during engine strip down, price will change accordingly.

The S63tu engine requires more components over the later F9x S63T4 engine to improve its strength. The pistons in the TU engine are not as strong as the F90. The ring pack in the later engine is also much better at coping with high cylinder pressures and oil control.

  • All engine components hot washed
  • F90 Pistons installed
  • MV1400 Rods
  • Heads refaced and new valve stem seals fitted
  • New oil pump
  • 8 x new injectors
  • Rod bearings replaced
  • New Gaskets
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Diff fluid service
  • Coolant change

The setup allows around 900-950 HP safely with the supporting fuel system upgrades.

Due to slightly smaller block dimension we recommend sleeve be fitted when aiming for 1000HP plus.