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Mr Vanos Arrow MV1500 Connecting Rods - BMW G87 M2 | G80 | G81 M3 | G82 | G83 M4 (S58)

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Mr Vanos Arrow Connecting Rods suitable for the below applications:

G87 M2 (S58)

G80 | G81 M3 (S58)

G82 | G83 M4 (S58)

F97 X3M | F98 X4M (S58)

These rods are a direct replacement for BMW part numbers 1124782246 & 11247843237. If you are unsure, please drop us an email with your VIN

Design rated to 1600hp and 2000nm

As lots of people are aware, the biggest weak point of the S58 is the connecting rod. For standard power levels they are fine, and run well within the failure limit. They are forged and are perfectly suitable for the job.
The issue comes when the power is increased beyond the running limit. Anything over that point and they bend, with varying degrees of damage caused. From a simple misfire, to a hole in the engine.
Broadly speaking, the aim for most engine parts is to run at around 80% of the failure point. Once you reach 100% or more failure is likely to occur. Aftermarket rod bolts are a good example as they are usually torqued or stretched, to approx 80% yield of the bolt. Some engine parts have limits well above the application, stock or tuned.
Kit supplied with ARP 2000

Upgraded L19 bolts available if required

Upgraded Custom Age 625 bolts available if required