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Mr Vanos Rebuilt Vanos & Timing Chain - BMW E39 M5 (S62)

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E39 M5 5.0 S62 Twin Vanos X2

The E39 M5 5.0 Vanos systems are known to cause problems. From the main dealer a bill for £6k plus is expected when two new units are required.

  • A failing M5 Vanos can cause a rough idle and lack of power throughout the rev range. The biggest cause of Vanos issues on this engine is the solenoids and seals. We can repair the boards using new diodes and if needed replace individual solenoids.
  • The ‘growling’ noise is not always a sign of failure, however it’s not a sound a high-performance engine should make. This noise will come back without changing several key parts, and custom machine work. Not just a seal kit
  • Most of the 'vanos' noise on this particular engine comes from the failure and stretch of the timing chains. There are 4 chains on this engine.

The Vanos unit on this car is far less prone to any problems. Problems arise from failed solenoids and/or seals, incorrect timing (this happens through normal use in our experience) and Vanos gear bearings play and spring plate tension loss. Symptoms include rough idle, an infamous growling noise and power loss at all rpm and shuddering at low rpm with large throttle opening. This won’t always show up on diagnostics as the Vanos has no direct electrical connection to the cars ECU.

Camshaft sensors are another problem on this model. There is a new improved sensor available now due to poor design on the originals. This can also cause the running issues described.

Any start up noise or rattling while warm needs to be addressed by having the car stripped down and timing chains replaced. Replacing seals or the vanos unit alone wont fix the issue.

We will strip the engine down as necessary, replace all timing chains and guides, rebuild both vanos units and reassemble. As part of this process a new set of rod bearings and bolts is included.

Common Problems:

S62 B50 Engine Code

  • 1999 – 2003
  • Power – 401 BHP
  • Diesel noise / rattling on start-up due to timing chain
  • Vanos Gear ‘Growling’
  • Solenoid / Seals Failure
  • Snapped Vanos pistons
  • Snapped spline gears

We usually required the vehicle for 7 days to carry out this repair to our high standards. All work comes with 2 years warranty.


If your Vanos is not serviceable there will be a surcharge payable. Any further Solenoids are also chargeable per set