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Wagner Competition Intercooler Kit - BMW 5 Series G30 | G31 | 6 Series G32 Diesel

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Competition Intercooler Kit for BMW G30/31 528-540d G32 620-640d

BMW G30/G31 518d engine code: N47 110KW/150PS (2018+)
BMW G30/G31 520d engine code: N47 140KW/190PS (2017-2020) *
BMW G30/G31 525d engine code: N47 170KW/231PS (2017-2019)
BMW G30/G31 530d engine code: B57 195-210KW/265-286PS (2017+)
BMW G30/G31 540d engine code: B57 235-250KW/320-340PS (2017+)
BMW G32 620d engine code: B57 140KW/190PS (2018-2020) *
BMW G32 630d engine code: B57 195-210KW/265-286PS (2017+)
BMW G32 640d engine code: B57 235-250KW/320-340PS (2017+)

*not suitable for facelift cars with XD5-engine

The competition intercooler has the following core dimension (570mm x 236mm x 150mm / stepped = 16.160cm³) and thus offers a 70% larger cooling surface and 112% more charge air volume compared to the stock mounted intercooler. The new developed competition intercooler core supports a very high ratio of airflow and is also very light. The weight of the complete intercooler is only 10,5kg. The endtanks are made of cast aluminium and have been optimised under flow analysis in the CFD system. With the help of additional air guides, inside the inlet, an uniform filling of the intercooler is provided. The original charge air hoses can still be used. The results are excellent cooling properties with minimum pressure drop. All of our intercooler use an anti corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipating character. It is mounted to the original mounting points and is easy to perform (1:1 exchange). Ready for installation (plug & play), only replacing the stock intercooler. Optimum cooling of the charged air with a clear increase in performance!

Dimensions stock Intercooler:
545mm x 145mm x 96mm
V=7,6 Liter
A=790 cm²

Dimensions WAGNERTUNING intercooler:
570mm x 236mm x 150mm / gestuft
V=16,2 Liter
A=1345 cm²

packing list:
1 intercooler (coated black)